Plex Systems hits record growth in ’08, looking for more

Plex Systems, formerly Plexus Systems, is slimming down its name but not its staff. The Auburn Hills-based firm is growing.

Plex added
52 new customers in 2008, which allowed its revenue to grow 33 percent.
It went from 98 employees in 2006 to 128 today.

“It was a very successful year for us,” says Patrick Fetterman, vice president of marketing for Plex Systems.

company expects to hire another 20-40 people this year. Those staffers
will help fill out the company’s new home, which is 20,000 square feet

Plex Systems creates enterprise resource planning
software and provides the same services on a website. The software lets
manufactures work more efficiently. It’s widely used in the automotive,
defense, life sciences and food & beverage industries.

it’s not as widely known, Plex Systems competes with the likes of
Microsoft, Oracle and the European SAP. But at the rate Plex Systems is
growing, it might not stay that way for long.

Source: Patrick Fetterman, vice president of marketing for Plex Systems
Writer: Jon Zemke