Featured Video: SOAR Learning Skills

Susan Kruger struggled as a student. It wasn’t until she was in college that she learned how to learn. She was transformed from a struggling student to straight-A’s. Her goal is to give every student access to the same simple skills that changed her life. She promotes a platform of relevant education, encouraging schools to teach relevant skills for the workplace.
Susan has spent over a decade teaching hundreds of students how to succeed in school. She began tutoring individual students in study skills. As demand for her expertise grew, she created the SOAR® Study Skills Workshops to reach more students. Her book, “SOAR Study Skills: A Simple and Efficient System for Getting Better Grades in Less Time,” is the worldwide best-selling study skills book (according to Amazon) for more than five years and her curriculum is in more than 2,000 schools nationwide and more than 14 countries.
SOAR Learning, Inc. employs five full-time staff members, several part-time interns and several vendors and suppliers (mostly within Oakland County).
Susan has created an internship program to actively recruit Oakland University and Oakland Community College students for internships where SOAR Learning Inc. provides training in soft skills and direction in using these skills to select future careers.

Video by Matthew Stanton.